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Kirsty Hypnotherapist

Talking Therapies from Kirsty Freeland MBE BSc. Psych, DipAH, GQHP

Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR)

(A & K Freeland)


* “Very comfortable environment, put at ease, felt safe.“ SH, Falkirk


* “I still haven’t smoked a cigarette and I have given up the E Cigarette. I don’t think I could have done this without your help." Female, Perthshire


*"I came to see you twice before my holiday about my flying fear. The flight to and back went fab. My family were very shocked. I am not going to say I love flying but what a huge diff !  We had massive turbulence on way home and I found it all just fine. I had little routine that I repeated and found that helped me lots so thank you." Female, Clackmannanshire


*"I was pretty nervous going along to hypno for the first time as I had no idea what to expect and hadn’t done anything similar before. Kirsty’s approach and explanations immediately put me at ease and after just two sessions I’ve noticed a huge difference in the bird fear that I was hoping to address. Kirsty is super friendly, supportive and understanding. I have really come to love hypno and feel so lucky to have discovered it and worked with Kirsty." Female, Edinburgh


* "Wow! How much you have done for me will never be fully understood. In just one session you opened my eyes to the power of the mind. I had sat my driving test 7 times before seeing you where you accommodated me with an appointment within 24hrs of asking and just hours before my driving test. What a Difference, Instead of feeling apprehensive and looking at the test negatively I felt a new person and confidently chatted away during my test like a new person.

Onto pastures new I have now felt the success that you spoke of when you so confidently predicted I would pass having struggled with such bad anxiety problems previously." A.A, Stirlingshire


* “I slept the whole night through for the first time in many years after my first session with Kirsty.“ S.H., Falkirk.


* “I felt so peaceful, comfortable and relaxed for the whole evening afterwards.“  S.H., Falkirk


* “I wondered where my arms and legs went – they were numb throughout the session, but it was a lovely feeling.“  A.L., Stirling.


* “Kirsty has a wonderfully relaxing voice.“  A.L., Stirling.


* “I walked up and down the aisles in the supermarket and couldn’t find any sweets, cakes or biscuits I wanted to buy and left. This has never happened before.“ S.L., Edinburgh


* “I’ve learned that smoking is just a habit and it doesn’t make anything better, so I don’t want to smoke anymore.“ J.M., Falkirk


* “I realised that the reason hypnotherapy worked for me is that I trusted Kirsty and was able to relax.“ C.T., Falkirk


* “ I found the experience very relaxing, I was surprised how good it made me feel and how positive the experience was. I found Kirsty’s approach and her voice in the sessions and on the CD helped the whole experience. Very good.“ AL, Stirling


* “Never think about smoking now.“ JM, Falkirk


* “After 3 sessions, I felt I could tackle anything. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being free and above all of my issues.“ SM, Falkirk


* “I feel that hypnotherapy has kept me motivated and on track with my training programme to run a marathon. Even when the weather has been really bad, I have enjoyed going out running.“ JM, Cumbernauld


* “I feel completely focussed on my training. I always leave the sessions feeling generally more relaxed and happy.“ JM, Cumbernauld


* “During the sessions I addressed several issues I had suppressed for years and feel the sessions have been of immense benefit to helping me move on with issues that have caused me to be stuck in life. I had a wonderful experience and was able to free myself of things that have burdened me for many years.  I was able to make links and understand why I do what I do and go some way to resolving this and leaving it in the past, forgiving myself and letting go. Kirsty was so patient and intuitive, she was completely with me during every session and was able to sense what I needed to help me. Her compassion, understanding, & empathy was so evident in everything she said or did. I enjoy using the CD at night and find a big difference to my sleep pattern when I do. I also feel the benefits the following day when I am much calmer and in control of my life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to Kirsty.“ ML, Falkirk


* “I found this extremely helpful as I was looking for an alternative to traditional medicine. At first I was a bit apprehensive but Kirsty put me at ease straight away with her calm presence. I felt able to relax and concentrate on what Kirsty was saying and will definitely consider using hypnotherapy in the future as I think it has had a hugely positive impact on me.“ MM, Falkirk




Hypnotherapy covering Stirling, Falkirk, Larbert, Polmont, Dunblane, Bridge of Allan, Auchterarder, Alloa, Cumbernauld, Dollar, Menstrie, Tillicoultry, Linlithgow, Fife and Central Scotland. Just 8 minutes from the M876 and 12 minutes from Stirling.

Kirsty Hypnotherapy is a brand name of A & K Freeland