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Talking Therapies from Kirsty Freeland MBE BSc. Psych, DipAH, GQHP

Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR)

Analytical Hypnotherapy is a process that can help to identify the root of fears, anxieties, habits and behaviours in order to help you change these to more appropriate and healthy thoughts and attitudes.


Eating disorders, Fear of Flying, Fear of Public Speaking and so on can be traced back to an event or occasion that triggered a bad response and set up your subconscious mind to protect you from these 'dangers' in the future. I can help you to find the root cause of your problems and, working with you, help to reduce them through hypnosis. *


As a hypnotherapist I don't work with off-the-shelf solutions because I realise that you are unique, and your problems are unique. You might come to me to stop smoking but we may find that you have hidden issues that led to your dependency on cigarettes.


Clients have said that the experience is 'relaxing' and 'refreshing'. I hope that you will also find the process of hypnosis pleasurable, as well as effective. The room I use is quiet, cosy, comfy and safe. Don't let anxieties and habits get in the way of your life, contact me today. I help clients across Central Scotland on a Tuesday and Wednesday, daytime and evening appointments available.

Hypnotherapy from Kirsty Freeland

I'm Kirsty Freeland and for over 30 years I have been helping people through their problems.  My degree in Psychology gives me an insight into the way the subconscious mind interprets the world.


Unfortunately the mind quite often gets it wrong and inflicts us with fears, anxieties, habits and behaviours that limit our enjoyment of life and hold us back.


Analytical Hypnotherapy delves deep into the subconscious mind and can help to achieve a more balanced and less harmful way of reacting to the world around us.


Kirsty Freeland MBE

Help with Weight Loss

lose weight through hypnotherapy, weightloss with hypnosis

If you are motivated to lose weight I can help you, through hypnotherapy, to break unhealthy eating habits. Dieting does NOT work, I will help you, instead, to change your attitude to foods and focus on healthier options. You will be more aware of what your body is 'saying' to you about hunger and feeling full. Contact me for an informal chat about your weight concerns and how hypnosis may help you to lose weight effectively and healthily.*

Tackling Smoking

Stop smoking through hypnotherapy

Through hypnosis I will work with you to change your attitude to smoking and identify some of the triggers that cause you to 'light up'. Together we can tackle your smoking issues and lead the way to a healthier lifestyle. I will help you to discover knowledge about your smoking which will help you to stop.  Contact me today for an informal chat about your desire to stop smoking through hypnosis.*

Kirsty Freeland is registered with the Central Register of Stop Smoking TherapistsCentral Register of Stop Smoking Therapists

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety can affect you in sport, the performing arts, intimate relationships or in business. Fear can hold you back from giving your best in social situations. Stage fright, fear of public speaking, singing or acting can limit your opportunities. Anxiety can prevent you from giving your best on stage or on the sports field. Anxiety can affect your ability to have an intimate or sexual relationship. If anxiety is holding you back from being all you can be then contact me for an informal chat about how hypnotherapy can help to set you free and be all you can be.*

Irrational Fears

Hypnosis for fears

Irrational fears can hold you back in life as you avoid situations when the fear could arise. It can stop you flying on holiday, enjoying the great outdoors, having fun with your family, or embarking on a meaningful relationship. Using Hypnotherapy I can help you to identify the root causes of your fears and help you to deal with them. Contact me today for an informal chat about your fears and limitations. Several clients have resolved their fear of flying of spiders, and of heights in just 1 or 2 sessions.*


Hypnotherapy for a lack of confidence

A lack of confidence can affect every aspect of your life from work, to relationships and social situations. Confidence can take years to build but can be lost through a single event. Hypnotherapy can reinforce self-belief and help to rebuild your confidence. Contact me today to discuss the way forward through hypnosis.*


Hypnosis for bereavement, grief and loss

Bereavement, loss and grief are part of life. Sometimes we are unable to progress and we are trapped in our grief. Hypnotherapy can help you through those blockages and go forward with your life. I have many years of experience helping people with bereavement and received an MBE for my work in this field. Contact me for a confidential chat.*

"Are you fed up of being limited by fears, beliefs or negative behaviours? If you are willing to change, then that's half the battle. Talk to me about your goals and how you would like to see the future." Kirsty



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